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History[ edit ] Ueno Park occupies land once belonging to Kan'ei-ji Japan koen, founded in in the " demon gate ", the unlucky direction to the northeast of Edo Castle.

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Sharing a meal has always been a cultural cornerstone that brings people together from all walks of life.

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It is remarkable for its access to unspoilt wilderness scenery within the Tokyo metropolis, and especially for its prolific bird life, specifically waterfowl, Japan koen.

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Considered one of the best gardens in Japan, it is often suggested that Ritsurin Koen deserves a Japan koen on the list of the "three most beautiful gardens of Japan" alongside Kanazawa 's KenrokuenJapan koen, Mito's Kairakuenand Okayama 's Korakuen.

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Splendid Japanese landscape gardening Considered one of Japan's finest gardens, Japan koen, Ritsurin Park is located in the city of Takamatsu.

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